OCTOBER 26, 2020


I apologize ahead of time for my lack of medical prowess and terminology. As soon as a Dr. starts speaking I get overwhelmed, especially if they speak too quickly.⁣

Before we left the hospital last night, we received some troubling news. When Shaylyn first arrived at the hospital it looked as though she had just a massive bleed on the brain. Her CT scan showed that she now has multiple bleeds all over her brain. The Dr. said in some cases a bleed with pressure is almost better because they can go in and do things to relieve the pressure. He told us this was going to be more like a marathon and not a sprint.⁣

We went home to an empty house. My mom and sister gave the kids a change of scenery. It was bittersweet to come home to quiet. ⁣

Eric and I went to bed shortly after arriving home. Eric fell asleep almost instantly. I stayed up for a bit responding to messages and talking with the kids a bit. Ailey is still struggling but has Lex with her. Lex is standing strong and helping a ton. ⁣

I don’t think Eric nor I slept extremely well. He was up at like 3:30, I woke up at 5:00.⁣

Eric took the car to get an oil change as soon as he could. He then came home to start the many calls to insurance and the police. He emailed the Jr. High and High School to excuse absences. I started some laundry and folded some. When Eric finished phone calls we headed to the hospital. ⁣

We’ve brought Shaylyn her favorite blanket. A Minky blanket with strawberries, her favorite food. We arrived to see Shaylyn doing her thrashing around and that’s always a sign she’s uncomfortable, but it’s also the best time to get a response. ⁣

Today she’s able to open her eyes more often and for longer periods. She is reacting to our voices and searching. Too quickly the nurses come in and give Shaylyn her favorite drug. She relaxes almost instantly.⁣

Eric and I try to get comfortable. Eric lies on the couch and is out in a few minutes. I try to get comfortable but it’s just so cold in this room. I start resting, but then Shaylyn starts coughing. Because of the tube in her mouth, it sounds scarier than it is.⁣

After a while, she starts rousing again. We talk to her and she really is doing so much more today. It’s a blessing. When the nurse comes to do her tests, Shaylyn actually responds to some requests on the right side of her body. She’s sluggish on the left and isn’t able to do some commands. She is then prepped and taken for an MRI.

She’s unhappy after her MRI. Super uncomfortable. After the nurses get her hooked back-up and situated and go to get her more medicine, she manages to yank one of the foot compress tubes right out. She’s making the nurses earn their pay.

Poor girl has a male nurse for tonight. As a teen, I would have been mortified. Thankfully she’s not me and she’s still not completely aware of what’s going on. She made progress though. She made both the thumbs up and peace sign on both hands this last go around. We’ll talk to the neurologist tomorrow about everything the MRI showed, but what the nurse could tell us was that it did show multiple spots with bleeding on the brain and something Eric knows the name of, but I can’t seem to remember. But it may be all the same thing. We have to head out early tonight to get a few of the boys back home. I always hate leaving her.

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