{What A Father Feels…Part Two}

OCTOBER 26, 2020

I call it day 3, Shilo doesn’t count the day she was admitted. So I will meet her in the middle and we will call it day 2.5.

The biggest development is further improvement of motor skills. She can move both hands now. As well as lots of facial expressions. She still struggles with her toes.

The MRI gave a clearer picture of the hemorrhaging and she did indeed have Diffuse Axonal Shearing (basic tearing of the whispy strands of neurons the connect the brain together. There were some other things showing on the MRI, but the nurse didn’t know enough to explain them. We need to talk to the neurologist tomorrow.

Despite the seriousness (don’t Google it…) she is doing amazingly well. Miracles left and right.

The car is still at the towing company, it has an evidence hold on it. So no access. Once I get pictures of the car I’ll share them. Still need to get Shaylyn’s phone and my keys back as well. Bedtime. Day 3.5 starts early.

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