{What A Father Feels…Part Three}

OCTOBER 27, 2020

Shilo got me the first day so I got her back when she dozed off.

I also attached a picture of my view for the next while. I know it’s silly but I’m torn on showing pictures of my daughter all connected to tubes, I still have nightmares from when I was 18 and woke up to having tubes all over me.


Eric had what’s known as a Spontaneous Pneumothorax when he was 16. He had surgery for it at 17. There’s more to his story, but for now, we’ll leave it here. He can relate a little to the situation Shaylyn was in. More so than most of us, I think.

SPONTANEOUS PNEUMOTHORAX: “A spontaneous pneumothorax is the sudden onset of a collapsed lung without any apparent cause, such as a traumatic injury to the chest or a known lung disease. A collapsed lung is caused by the collection of air in the space around the lungs.”


I’m sure you guys saw my wife’s update as she tagged me, but I’ll update a few things on my side.

The first responding officer came to chat today. He was such an awesome guy, he showed me pictures of the car. He couldn’t give them a copy, as they were evidence, but he was allowed to show me. I’m not sure how I feel about it. It wasn’t as mangled as I was picturing basically the passenger side door was sort of driven upwards, that’s about it. Probably why she is still with us and hardly a mark on her. Sadly the door was pushed in just far enough that her head hit it, putting us where we are.

I also got a call from the evidence department for SSPD. Apparently, in a serious accident, all cars are placed into evidence until all parties are no longer in hospitals (one way or another). This sort of puts us into a hard place. The hospital can’t bill medical insurance until the auto insurance process the bills first (due to it being an auto accident). However, the insurance can’t process the claim with access to the car. Thus I’m paying auto payments on a car we no longer have until my daughter is out of the hospital, which could take weeks.

Also looks like the life flight and hospital she was taken to are out of network, so yeah there’s that.

Shilo covered how Shaylyn was doing so look at her post that she tagged me on for that. She is improving, just really slowly. The first main hurdle is extubation (removing the breathing and feeding tubes). They tried today, but she failed. They will try again tomorrow hopefully. This turned into a much longer post than I anticipated.

Going to try to get some sleep. I’m 0 for 2 so far…

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