{The Day Of}

This post was originally written on October 26, 2020.

It’s 5:00 A.M. I can’t sleep. I’m not a morning person. Just one more thing outta whack right now. I don’t know how long Eric’s been up. Figured I’d share info on the day of the accident. ⁣

Saturday, October 24th⁣

We had a family Halloween party planned with my family. Shaylyn and Lex both had to work, but their shifts overlapped. Shaylyn was scheduled 1-5 at her job, Lex from 5-Close. We were discussing the work transportation issues on Friday night. We had figured out how to get Lex to work, but Eric was concerned about him getting home. I told Eric we’d be home long before Lex was off and Shaylyn said, “Even if you’re not home, I’ll be home in plenty of time.”⁣

A little bit later Shaylyn told us she didn’t have to work. There was some issue with too many hours or something. Shaylyn was a little relieved as it would give her time to finish her art assignment that was due yesterday or today. I teased her and told her if she wasn’t coming to our party then she really better be working on that drawing. ⁣

Saturday morning comes and the house is alive with excitement. The kids can’t wait to get in their costumes and go play with cousins. When I notice that Shaylyn is awake, I enlist her artistic hand in putting a face on Tanis, Ailey, and Zach. She delivers and Zach’s ‘stache was my favorite.⁣

Just before we leave, I am heading down to her room to ask for a pair of socks that might match the leggings of my costume. I don’t really do funky colored socks, but thought she might have something. ⁣ I almost smack right into her coming up the stairs. Apparently, her manager messed up again and they actually need Shaylyn to come in. ⁣

We all wait for Shaylyn to back out before we get in the car. I stand by the little boys just so they don’t bolt at the last minute. They’re pretty good at not doing that, but it still makes me nervous. ⁣I tell them to say good-bye to Shaylyn and we all wave.

We then get in the car and make our way to my sister’s in Mantua, a city 5 minutes from Brigham City. ⁣

The party is a hit. My sisters and mom worked hard to get it together and I think the kids enjoyed it. ⁣

As the party is winding down, my mood changes. I am an introvert, so it’s not unusual for big gatherings to drain me.

We get everyone in the car and begin the drive home. Eric’s allergies have kicked up and he didn’t feel that great to begin with, so he’s quiet. He puts his ear phones in and starts up his podcast. I’m too out of sorts to listen to anything.

Zach, Ailey and Nate are in the very back laughing and having a great time. They may even be watching a movie, I can’t remember. Tanis and Jace are in the middle seat. Tanis has his ear phones in as well just grooving away. Jacen is playing with some of the fun things my little sister gave the kids in goody bags.

Eric’s podcast either finishes or his earbuds die, I’m not sure which. But he asks about dinner and I just shrug. We try to start working out the tension between us when Eric gets a phone call. He was slow to answer, so it goes to voice mail. Eric has visual voice-mail set up, so voice mails will show up in text format. Since he’s driving he asks me to read it. So I start reading and it sounds like one of those spam calls going around. “This is so and so with the police. Looking for Shilo. Need to talk to you about this case. I’ll call back in 5 minutes.” What case? I haven’t had any interaction with an officer in years.

So when the officer calls again, Eric starts the call very curt. It doesn’t take long before I hear words like ‘accident’ and ‘how bad is she hurt’ and ‘what hospital’ come from Eric’s mouth and that was when the tears started. When Eric hung up he told me the worst of it. She had to be flown to the hospital and was in ‘serious condition’. We had almost gotten to Layton at this point and when I put in directions to the hospital, my heart sank to see it was another hour away.

We were scrambling to figure out what to do with the rest of the kids. I knew they wouldn’t be allowed in the hospital, also did I really want them there? I sent a text asking my friend if she was home and if she had her van with her. Then told her what happened. She wasn’t home, but told us where her husband was and that he had the van. His location was right off the freeway, our house isn’t. Eric got in touch with him and asked if he’d be able to take the kids home if we dropped them off. He said he could.

We send a text to Lex asking if he can get a ride home, and there’s an emergency situation and we’ll give him more info in an hour or so. We got in touch with Shaylyn’s boyfriend and him and his mom immediately headed out.

We told Tanis shortly after receiving the call and making plans so that he could prepare. Because I hadn’t planned dinner, I told him to just give the kids cereal. We arrived at the place our friend was and Eric went to get him. This man wasted no time and was outside in seconds. This was when we told the rest of the kids. The little boys don’t quite understand completely. Nate is keeping composed. He’s got a thick skin. Ailey, oh Ailey. We knew her heart would break, so it really was hard to tell her. She’s still struggling. We give hugs to each of the kids and get them loaded in our friend’s van and we make the long 20 minute drive to the hospital.

We arrive shortly after Shaylyn’s boyfriend and I’m so worried they won’t let him in. To my relief, they let all 3 of us back to see her. She looked a lot better than I expected. I did see bloodied gauze and things, and that wasn’t something I wanted to see. We were then told of her brain injury and that her ear was lacerated and they had just sewn that up. She may end up with a cauliflower ear, like boxers, but they tried to sew it up so it won’t be too bad. We had a lot of information thrown at us and then the doctor had to prep her and do some other thing for her, so we were taken to a family waiting room.

The officer met us here and gave us more information about the accident and where the car was towed, etc. The patient registration guy got our info and gave us more info on how car accident cases are handled. A couple doctor’s came in and one told us they were waiting on Shaylyn’s Covid test results before moving her to ICU to know where to put her. We were relieved her test was negative so we could be with her.

They showed us to the ICU waiting room while they got her transferred and situated. We were met by her nurse and I felt so much relief to see the people watching over my baby. I glanced at her care board and noticed her techs name was Devin. I laughed a bit and decided she’d be in good hands. When she was little, she had a strong bond with her uncle Devin. Another interesting thing I noticed was that Tech Devin’s last initial is an L. My little brother’s middle initial is an L.

It was a long day and we stayed until Eric knew he had to leave if we were gonna get home safe.

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