{I Miss You So Much More}

October 25, 2020⁣


Shaylyn had a CT scan this morning. As per the doctor, it’s not great, but it’s also not horrible. ⁣

The scan showed some good things, but also some bad things. ⁣

She looks more swollen on the right side of her face than she did yesterday. And because of the way the neck brace is on, I can’t see how her ear is healing. ⁣

She still hasn’t woke up. The drugs they had her on this morning was just to keep her from puking and gagging. ⁣

She’s breathing on her own SLIGHTLY, but the machine is still doing most of the work.

When we arrived at the hospital, we told her we were there and she reacted. She opened one eye a couple of times, but she was also thrashing around. She tried to pull out her catheter, but didn’t really succeed, just kind of knocked it out of place a bit. ⁣

She really doesn’t like when they mess with her to fix her tubes or suction her mouth out, and all the other small things they need to do to keep her safe. ⁣

They gave her a small dose of fentanyl to relax her a bit and she’s now calm and aside from all the tubes and wires surrounding her, you’d think she was just sleeping. But this is one nap I really need her to wake up from. ⁣Good news: we learned she’s definitely NOT a druggie.

They’ve got her wrists tethered to the bed and while I understand WHY this is necessary, it’s hard to see. ⁣

I miss my vibrant, animated, talk non-stop girl.

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