{The First Post}

Things were crazy the night of the accident. That story will be told in an upcoming post. However, while we were sitting in the hospital that first night, my sister in law gave me a link to a news story. It had only been a few hours and there was already a short news article posted about the accident.

It was this article that both my husband and I used on our Facebook pages to let others know what was going on. As a whole, I think we all want our 15 minutes of fame. This is not a way anyone would want it though, I’m sure.

My husband posted the link that night simply saying, “The news you never want to hear has happened. Keep us in you prayers.”

I couldn’t even attempt to post anything that night, so the next day I shared my thoughts.

“One of my worst nightmares came true yesterday. This is never a call you want to receive, especially when you’re an hour and a half away. Longest drive of my life. And while things aren’t great, they could be so much worse. I’m so grateful for all the different blessings we’ve already seen…

1. My baby girl is still with us.
2. I’m grateful there wasn’t anyone in the car with her, they probably wouldn’t have survived.
3. I’m grateful the other driver wasn’t injured. But please keep him in your thoughts and prayers as he may be stuffing struggling mentally.
4. I’m glad Eric and I were together when that call came.
5. Medical professionals are amazing.
6. Shaylyn’s boyfriend was initially allowed in to see her.
7. Because we were so far away, we saw Shaylyn after they’d cleaned up her wounds and ran tests.
8. She tested negative for Covid, so we’re able to be with her.
9. Eric and I can visit her together. That wasn’t the case a few months ago when my brother was in an accident and only one of my parents could be with him at a time.
10. I’m grateful for the many earthly angels who’ve already shown love and support. Taking the other kids home, taking yummy donuts to the other kids, offers to help with kids, offers to put us up and people showing up at the hospital even though they weren’t allowed in. We love you all.

We still don’t know what the future will be for Shaylyn right now, but we are so thankful for your prayers.”

The next posts will be the original posts made on each day. Some will be from Eric’s point of view, others will be mine. I will do my best to make sure you know where each is coming from.

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