Why I Blog

Quite simply it’s because I suck at hand and paper journaling.

I feel that keeping a journal is important, but I’ve never been great at doing so. It just takes too much time to write things down and if you need to know one thing about me it’s that I’m lazy. I always like to do things in the quickest way possible.

I’m also a very visual person. Journaling is just so black and white. I need color in my life. I thrive on photos. I also love to scrapbook, but I am so far behind that I’m sure to forget important details. I figure if I can get it blogged out, then it’ll be somewhere I can access at a future point when I make my scrapbook pages.

I also enjoy writing. I don’t do a lot of it anymore, but I did it a bunch in High School. I kind of feel like this blog helps me to keep sane and to get things out that I need said. I feel I’m a better writer than a speaker and this helps me get my thoughts out in the way I’d like them out.