About Me

My name is SHILO.
I was born on the 16th of some month in the FALL.
My star sign is a SCORPIO.
My favorite color is PURPLE.
I love to say WHATEVER and my most over-used saying is probably:
I am a bit CHAOTIC.
SNAKES scare me.
And I dislike MEXICAN FOOD.


My name is Shilo, but I’ve been known to answer to the names of Pumpkin, Bug, Babe, Smiley and Trouble. Pick your poision – most likely I’ll respond.

I had dreams of being an author at one point in my life – that’ll probably never happen, so I blog. I spend more money on scrapbooking and crafting than I do on clothes. I hate housework and would rather do anything BUT. I never leave the house without my cell phone, but that’s only because it has my music on it.

I got my name from a song Neil Diamond sang called, “Shilo.” For more about this you can read and see this.

The rest of what you may want to know can be read below…

I’m just a girl in the world…

Happily married to my High School Sweetheart for almost 18 years now.
Together we are doing our best to raise 7 young ‘uns.
A 16 year old who is as sweet as could be.
A 14 year old drama queen.
A wild 12 year old.
An 8 year old that is 100% boy and 100% attitude.
A precious little 6 year old princess.

A 3 year old who likes to keep us laughing.

And a baby boy who keeps life fun and new.