My name is Shilo. I am the mother of seven children – 5 boys, 2 girls.

Everyone has a story. This is just one of mine. This story is about my oldest daughter, Shaylyn.

The Story Starts Here

On October 24, 2020 our world would come crumbling down all around us. This day would shake all of us to our core and force us to live in a daze for a good month or more.

On this day, Shaylyn was t-boned by a truck on her way home from work. She would have to be airlifted to the nearest hospital with a trauma unit. Our story, thankfully, has a happy ending.

This blog is a collection of posts I made to social media while going through this crisis. Now that the hardest part is over, I may add in additional thoughts that I wasn’t able to do during that time.

Thanks for reading.

Shaylyn – Age 17

“I am better off healed than I ever was unbroken.”

Beth Moore